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Janelle Anthone has more than 30 years of experience in business development and program management, and serves as both President and Chief Executive Officer for Senspex.  In addition to leading the company, Ms. Anthone works with the company business development team to strategize and generate new business opportunities. For over 15 years, Ms. Anthone has assisted training sites with the modernization of their ranges Contiguous United States (CONUS) and Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS). Her expertise working in training sites primarily focuses on camera and controller systems, thermal imaging systems, video data management, and network systems. Ms. Anthone spearheaded the effort to secure work share on the 5-year National Training Center Training Support (NTCTSC) contract that involves producing full production video to produce action reviews (AAR) and take home packages (THP) for training exercises at the NTC Ft. Irwin, CA. Ms. Anthone is actively involved in supporting causes such as Paws & Stripes and STEM.  She earned her Bachelor of Science from University of Nebraska, Lincoln and her Master of Arts from University of Colorado, Denver.


Janelle Anthone, President & Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Moreno serves as Vice President, Treasurer, and Senior Research Scientist. He is also founder of Senspex. Mr. Moreno received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Florida International University and a Master of Science in Physics from Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Moreno has spent more than a decade working with high-tech companies such as IBM and Intel Corporation. He has extensive experience in semiconductor processes, optical spectroscopic techniques such as Raman, photoluminescence/fluorescence, FTIR, absorption/emission, LIDAR technology for remote chemical detection, and infrared technologies. Mr. Moreno holds a U.S. patent and has been involved in many technical publications. Mr. Moreno executes operational, managerial, and financial decisions for the company.


Miguel Moreno, Vice President, Treasurer & Senior Research Scientist

Dave Costello has been a commercial researcher and product development engineer in the field of optical sensors, devices, and spectral analysis for over 25 years. As Senspex’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Costello develops custom solutions based on customer requirements. He has provided the engineering design, installation, and integration of thermal imaging camera equipment for many critical Department of Defense testing sites. Mr. Costello works closely with the company business development team as the subject matter expert in areas such as optics, video, thermal imaging, and other specialized sensor systems. He spearheaded the design and integration of the company’s first visible/thermal imaging system which includes both hardware and software integration. Mr. Costello has been the lead inventor in nine U.S. patents of advanced photonics and sensor systems. His abilities in signal and systems analysis have resulted in successful development and integration of products leading to R&D 100 and Photonics Circle of Excellence awards. He earned his Master of Science in Bioengineering from Texas A&M University.


Dave Costello, Chief Technology Officer

Ivan Moreno has more than 30 years of experience in business development, international trade, sales, and marketing of a wide range of products and services for major multinational companies. As Government Business Development Officer for Senspex, Mr. Moreno has been an integral part of the company’s steady growth by strengthening business relationships and securing team partnering relationships with several large prime contractors in the area of defense. His abilities in business development and sales have resulted in award of several large multi-million dollars contracts such as the Integrated Ranges/Digital Range Training Systems (IR/DRTS), TACOM Army Targetry Systems (ATS III), Saudi Arabia National Guard Foreign Military Sales (SANG), Army TADSS Maintenance Program (ATMP), National Training Center Training Support Contract (NTCTSC), Enterprise Training Services Contract (ETSC), and Army Combat Training Instrumentation Contract (ARTIC). He earned his Associates in Arts in Business Management from Miami-Dade Community College and has taken coursework toward a Bachelor in Marketing Management from Florida International University. In his spare time, Mr. Moreno actively participates in supporting Operation-Giveback for Wounded Warriors (OGB), a non-profit organization that raises awareness and resources for wounded warriors, their families and the children of fallen heroes.

Dave Costello, Chief Technology Officer


Ivan Moreno, Government Business Development Officer

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