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Eric Neu

Production Manager


Eric Neu serves as the Production Manager at Senspex, overseeing the production of intricate electromechanical system. Mr. Neu is responsible for guiding his manufacturing team in various aspects, including lean manufacturing planning, organization, safety, quality control, timely delivery, operational efficiency, and the ongoing enhancement of processes. With nearly two decades of experience in the defense industry, Mr. Neu possesses a diverse skill set encompassing manufacturing, procurement, planning, proposal development, and supply chain management.

Before joining Senspex, Eric held the position of production and quality manager at a local machining shop. During this role, he gained valuable insights into the intricacies of manufacturing, finishing, and painting machined components. 

In 2019, Eric Neu achieved his Associate Degree in Integrated Studies from CNM, further enriching his knowledge and qualifications. 

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