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Custom Products

Senspex engineers design, build, and integrate custom imaging solutions for our customers whose needs cannot be met by standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. 

Whether enabling backward compatibility, enhancing capabilities of current systems, or seating a new product for a specific need, our engineers work closely with each customer to design and build the perfect solution. 

Digital Interface Unit

The Senspex Digital Interface Unit (DIU) is an application-configurable instrumentation support package for imaging systems supporting digital (IP) and analog imaging devices. 

Network Interface Unit

The Senspex Network Interface Unit (NIU) is a Senspex EOSS endpoint providing power, protection, and Ethernet networking to deliver multi-format digital video feeds to the customers' video management system.  


Service Tool Kit (STK)

The Field Service Tool Kit (STK) is used by Field Engineers and Service Technicians. The STK facilitates installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of our electro-optical systems’ video, serial, and PTZ control signals and equipment. 

Visible Spectrum Camera Assembly

The Visible Spectrum Camera Assembly is a rugged long range digital camera solution characterized by its cylindrical design. It includes a variety of mounting blocks and counterweights for matching weight and balance properties of legacy EOSS systems. 


For more information about our Custom Products, contact us.

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