Custom Products

Our engineers design, build, and integrate custom imaging solutions for our customers whose needs cannot be met by standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Whether enabling backward compatibility, enhancing capabilities of current systems, or creating a brand new product for a specific need, Senspex’s engineers work closely with each customer to design and build the perfect solution.




The Senspex Digital Interface Unit (DIU™) is an application-configurable instrumentation support package for imaging systems supporting both digital (IP) and analog imaging devices.


Product Data Sheet: Digital Interface Unit (DIU™)


The field Service Tool Kit (STK) is used by Field Engineers and Service Technicians. The STK facilitates installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of Thermal/Visible camera System video, serial, and PTZ control via direct system interface or over IP network.


Key Features:

  • Senspex Camera Control and Maintenance Utility software

  • Video, serial, and PTZ portable handheld for monitoring and control interface

  • Analog and digital thermal/visible camera over IP network control

  • Serial and PELCO interface

  • Thermal camera purge kit

  • Handheld tools



The EOSS-VBB™ allows the viewing of both primary (CCTV) and secondary (thermal) video streams generated by the newer EOSS systems that contain only a single 23-pin video output.



The Senspex family of high density LED illuminators provides infrared illumination that can be tuned to special applications. The output angle of these devices can be adjusted to match camera field of view, from floodlight to spotlight in a single package. The spectral distribution can be adjusted to provide narrow or wide spectral bandwidth with peak outputs between 785 nm and 975 nm. These compact indoor illuminators pack powerful high-density LED arrays in a small footprint and achieve remarkable range for their size.

Product Data Sheet: NVERT™ High-Density Video Illuminators


  • Continuously adjustable illumination angle from floodlight to spotlight

  • Small size, low weight, high power

  • Non-laser high density LED light source

  • Selection of spectral output – including Night Vision Covert (NVERT)



  • MOUT sites

  • Troop range sites

  • Night-time surveillance

  • Zero-lux environments

  • Commercial sites

  • Transportation hubs

  • Industrial parks

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