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Video Data Processing

Using GILA-Powered Processing

GILA-Powered Processing

Our GILA-Powered video server provides a rugged hardware hub with signal protocol transcoding, image analysis, smart recording, and active bandwidth management functions that are customizable for your specific needs. 

The Senspex camera system, powered by GILA, provides integrated mesh network capabilities, allowing for real-time event and state sharing among nearby camera systems. Users benefit from a unified map that displays all camera locations, rotations, targets and corresponding events; this allows for added situation awareness and enhanced controllability. The system is built using a modern tech stack, ensuring optimal performance with minimal latency. 

AI-Detection & Tracking Module

Senspex's AI-DTM software module can be embedded in any GILA-powered camera system or video server and also provides potent tools for integration of features provided by our development partners. 

Our software products are designed for compliance with the highest standards of U.S. Department of Defense security and stability requirements.

For more information about our Video Data Processing capabilities, contact us.

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