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Robert Mogensen

General Manager
Senspex FT Irwin, CA


Robert Mogensen maintains an impressive track record with over 20 years of experience in the field of video production. He currently holds the position of General Manager II within the Senspex team, stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA, home to the world's largest live fire training facility. His association with Ft. Irwin dates back to 2010, and he has received multiple commendations from the military for his outstanding managerial capabilities.

Throughout his decade-long tenure as a Manager at Senspex, Robert has skillfully overseen a diverse team comprising Electronic Technicians, Video Editors, and Live Field Broadcasters. Together, they collaborate seamlessly with the military, specializing in the capture of high-quality live video content, including training exercises and intricate intelligence briefings.

Before embarking on his journey with Senspex, Robert earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from California State San Bernardino. Following his academic achievements, he gained valuable professional experience at KMIR6, an NBC news affiliate situated in Palm Springs, CA. His prior involvement in the fast-paced and demanding world of live broadcasting has significantly contributed to Senspex's successful partnership with the military.

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