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Mission Support

Assisting the Warfighter

Senspex provides the personnel, planning, management, and equipment required for the execution of successful missions. With over 15 years of hands-on military experience, we have a proven track record of excellence.

Our capabilities extend beyond simple project management. We have the technical expertise and engineering background to resolve the most challenging problems. 


Our technical expertise encompasses:

    Installing and maintaining complex audio, video, and broadcasting equipment.

    Operating and maintaining a variety of cameras, such as Panasonic 4k PTZ, professional Panasonic P2, Canon cinema, and Sony professional broadcasting cameras.

    Maintaining and upgrading VTC (video-telecommunication) rooms with modern CISCO controllers, installed new network switches and integrated VTC capabilities.

    Deploying large complex communication devices that assist the military with a stable network connection in a variety of remote locations.

    Updating mission control rooms with up-to-date projectors, modern style controllers, and quality of life upgrades bringing them into the modern HD era.

    Cabling, including Ethernet, HDMI, SDI, XLR, and other AV related cablings. 

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