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Dave Costello

Chief Technology Officer


Dave Costello serves as the Chief Technology Officer and has an extensive career spanning over four decades as a commercial researcher and product development engineer specializing in optical sensors, devices, and spectral analysis. In his role as CTO, Dave excels at crafting tailored solutions to meet customer needs while overseeing the organization's technological and scientific aspects. His particular focus lies in technologies that bolster US military preparedness. Dave collaborates closely with business development and engineering teams, lending his expertise in areas such as optics, video, thermal imaging, and specialized sensor systems.


Notably, Dave stands as the primary inventor behind nine U.S. patents in advanced photonics and sensor systems. His proficiency in signal and systems analysis has led to the successful creation and integration of products, earning prestigious accolades such as R&D 100 and Photonics Circle of Excellence awards. His academic background includes a Master of Science in Bioengineering earned from Texas A&M University.

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