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Video Data Solutions

Senspex designs and installs data network systems including video encoders, switching and routing hardware, servers, storage solutions and workstations designed for the high speed and bandwidth demands of video data.


Senspex wireless data systems for video data include 802.11x WiFi, 802.16 Wimax, and specialized radio frequency wireless network systems, as well as cellular and mobile data systems, at distances from a few feet to many miles. These systems are often designed for deployment under harsh environmental conditions, and with critical reliability requirements.


Video data management products also include embedded firmware and software applications, including OmniKeys™, add-ons and modifications to implement advanced video analytics, or integration with other systems such as notification and dispatch systems and electro-mechanical control systems.


Omnikeys™ allows for the rapid creation of after action review (AAR) packages from common off the shelf software (COTS) with almost no, post exercise, operator intervention. Although designed with military and law enforcement training in mind, Omnikeys™ is well suited for a number of video review applications.

Video Data Solutions, After Action Review, OmniKeys
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