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Thermal Camera Repair

Senspex repairs thermal imaging cameras and other advanced surveillance equipment including pan-and-tilt units and remote control joysticks. We have the capability to perform optics and electronics repairs to both cooled and uncooled cameras, as well as replace internal circuitry and upgrade firmware.


Working closely with leading thermal imaging system manufacturers, our Service Center staff ensures minimal downtime by effectively and efficiently repairing and returning our customers’ mission critical equipment in full working order.


Our experienced technicians are able to repair all major brands of thermal cameras with efficiency and affordability. All cameras and equipment are cared for with expert knowledge and technical skill. Senspex evaluates and repairs cameras and equipment so that customer receive their mission-critical products in working order in days instead of months. The quality control department inspects each shipment to ensure all cameras and equipment are packaged and shipped properly. Customer satisfaction is Senspex’s top priority. 

If you have thermal imaging cameras or related equipment in need of evaluation, please send us an email at

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