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Senspex’s Commitment and Unwavering Response to COVID-19

In the face of COVID-19, Senspex continues to be dedicated to the health and safety of our customers, suppliers, and employees. While some of our operational procedures have been modified, we strive to provide top quality services and products to each and every client while maintaining a safe work environment for our employees. Below is a summary of Senspex’s response to COVID-19:


Senspex is dedicated to satisfying the needs and exceeding expectations of our customers. Various forms of communication, including video conferencing, virtual tours, as well as phone and email, are set-up to be adaptable for the needs of our clients. Our production team, technical services, and installation team continue to be fully functional, even in the event of a partial facility closure. Requirements for our installation team depend on the circumstances and needs of each customer, but can include proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before travel. While at a worksite, Senspex employees follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks in addition to their regular protective equipment.


Senspex values clear and frequent communication with outside supply companies in the case of delays in delivery, transportation, or availability of products. We continue to work with our suppliers to formulate backup contingency plans in the event of an interruption in our supply chain to mitigate any potential impacts on our customers before they occur.


In the workplace, Senspex has changed several everyday operations to prioritize the health and safety of its employees, including asking employees to:

  • Reduce in-person contact by communicating through email, phone, or video conference whenever possible.

  • Complete a no-contact forehead temperature check each morning, administered by our Human Resources department. The department also keeps records of each employee’s daily temperatures and monitors for respiratory symptoms.

  • Wear a mask in the event of close in-person interaction with a coworker, customer, or visitor.

  • Disinfect personal workspaces regularly. Senspex provides disinfecting wipes, sprays, and PPE for its employees. Shared spaces, such as the break room and restrooms, are also cleaned regularly, including any door handles, light switches, or phones that could be touched by multiple people.

  • Stay home in the event of any COVID-19 symptoms. Senspex allows for certain employees to work from home, if necessary.

While we still receive materials and equipment through shipping services, Senspex restricts unnecessary in-person visits and carefully monitors visitors for any risks. Hiring processes now take place largely through phone, video, and email communications. We encourage all employees to follow social distancing guidelines outside the workplace as well for the health and safety of their families and coworkers.

Published 09/10/2020

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