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Senspex Part of NTC Mission Support Contract Winning Team

On May 30th, 2018, it was announced that the Raytheon Team was awarded the National Training Center Mission Support (NTCMS) contract. Senspex is thrilled to announce that it was part of this winning team. The NTCMS contract is a 5-year contract worth over $160M, and is one of the many contracts that will replace the Warfighter FOCUS contract.

The National Training Center is the premier training stage for the United States Military, and the last stop in military training before theatre deployment. Senspex hopes to continue to provide video support services, including operation of Mobile Video Units (MVUs), video editing, and camera personnel. Video feedback generated for support services is critical to the military training mission. Senspex is proud to have been working in this capacity at the National Training Center for over 10 years to-date.

See the FBO link for more information.

Published 05/31/2018

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