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Senspex Receives Flying 40 Award

Senspex received the New Mexico Technology Flying 40 Award on June 22, 2016 for the tenth consecutive year at the Albuquerque Bio Park/Zoo. The Flying 40 award honors the fastest-growing technology companies in New Mexico. These technology-focused companies have an impressive impact on the state's economy and have increased the job growth ranking from 50 to the Top 20 in recent years. Over the last four years, the Flying 40 companies have seen a 19% job increase and a 10% revenue increase. In addition to the financial growth, these companies have brought clean technology to the forefront of the industry. All of the awardees have contributed immensely to the success of the technology market in New Mexico.

Senspex Employees at the Flying 40 Awards

Published 06/23/2016

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