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Senspex Installs At DRTS

Senspex designs and installs long-range thermal imaging camera systems for the Digital Range Training Systems (DRTS) program. This program supports the modernization of live-fire training infrastructures with advanced digital instrumentation. The digital range battlespace allows ground, vehicular, and aviation units to train in coordinated operations in live combat simulations using networks of sensors and actuators distributed over distances of several kilometers. High precision thermal imaging and CCTV cameras, targetry systems with audio/visual effects, data recording equipment, range control centers and scenario development technology are all used to enhance the live training experience. Data from these systems is incorporated into a comprehensive after action review (AAR) cinematic audio/video presentation. To learn more about DRTS see “Lockheed Martin Delivers First-Ever Digital Air Ground Integration Range Capability To U.S. Army” by the PR Newswire or watch the video below.

Published 10/15/2014

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