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U.S. Representative Meets with Senspex

U.S. Representative Martin Heinrich visited Senspex, Inc. on August 3, 2010. Rep. Heinrich met with employees to discuss the company’s growth in the high-tech field, as well as in revenue and employment. He also toured the building and observed a demonstration of Senspex’s long-range thermal imaging cameras and IP video security software. Senspex, which was recently awarded New Mexico’s Flying 40, has been thriving even throughout an economic recession and has been recognized as an influential New Mexican high-tech company. During the meeting, Rep. Heinrich expressed his desire to support small businesses in New Mexico and throughout the country. He stated on his website, “By supporting the growing high-tech manufacturing industry, we’re leveraging New Mexico’s strengths and we’re boosting our nation’s economic vitality. I’m grateful for Senspex’s leadership. With the right strategies, I know that we will continue to multiply these economic success stories here in central New Mexico.”

Published 08/04/2010

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