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Senspex Awarded New Mexico's Flying 40

Senspex has been awarded New Mexico’s 2010 Flying 40 for the fourth consecutive year. The New Mexico’s Flying 40 is the top 40 fastest growing, highest revenue-generating, technology-based companies in New Mexico. Each year, Technology Ventures Corporation recognizes these companies. Sherman McCorkle, president of the Technology Ventures Corp., stated, “These private-sector, technology-based businesses represent the economic future of this state and are about the only economic bright spot for New Mexico in 2009.” As one of the top 40, Senspex is proud to be a part of this venue, contributing to posted revenues of $1.18 billion in 2009, a 60 percent increase since 2005, along with an increase in jobs from 4,314 to 6,124.

Miguel A. Moreno, President and CEO of Senspex, Inc. stated, “Senspex is honored to be recognized for this award once again. I believe that this success is due to the dedication of our employees; we have a marvelous team focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Our growth in the government and private sectors continues to flourish and we are excited about our recent endeavor to become ISO9001:2008 certified.”

Hartranft, Michael. “N.M.’s Flying 40 Economic Stars.” Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook [Albuquerque, NM] 21 June 2010: pp 2, 5-7.

Technology Ventures Corporation. “Honoring the fastest growing technology companies in the state of New Mexico.” Web. 9 July 2010.

Published 06/22/2010

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