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Senspex Works with Honeywell on Integrated Surveillance System

Louisville, KY, Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that it, along with Senspex, Inc., a provider of innovative solutions for security, surveillance, chemical analysis, and detection systems, has completed the installation of an integrated surveillance system at Alpine Border Patrol Station, a border patrol facility located in Alpine, Texas. The hub of the new system, WIN-PAK® PRO 2005 with a VISTA-128FBP intrusion panel, will substantially reduce the time it currently takes for Border Patrol agents to assess a potentially hazardous situation. The integration of the two products will also reduce training time for new agents, allowing them to get up to speed quickly.

By integrating all of the station’s security into a single WIN-PAK PRO 2005 platform, agents can scan their entire region using a single screen. They can also manipulate any object in the system from the same screen, allowing them to quickly assess the risk a situation poses and react accordingly. The VISTA-128FBP intrusion panel provides offsite notification to the MX8000 alarm receiver located at the remote site, while a 32 channel Fusion DVR supports 23 fixed cameras and five PTZ cameras located throughout the premises. This means agents can monitor and respond to alarms, as well as manipulate cameras from remote locations. All activity is logged, and can be stored and retrieved easily at any time.

Published 01/16/2007

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