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Command and Control Systems

Senspex designs and builds command and control (C2) systems for a variety of applications, including both mobile and fixed units.  The Senspex line of MVC2™ Field Video Control Systems provides a highly mobile solution for the control and recording of a network of analog or IP cameras.


The analog-to-IP conversion system in all MVC2™ units supports any type of common camera video or control signal, including COTS products from a large variety of camera manufacturers. The systems can be configured with any Microsoft® Windows®-based video management software suite including Genetec™ Omnicast™, OnSSI Ocularis™, Milestone XProtect™, and Riptide SIGHT. If configured with Omnicast, the customer has the option of adding Senspex Omnikeys™ for easy and rapid after action review (AAR) production.



Key Features:

  • MVC2 sizes range from extremely portable 2U “carry-on” size to 6U, 8U, and 14U units as appropriate for the application

  • All units assembled from COTS components to customers’ specifications

  • MVC2 units support standard rack-mount network, power, and video components

  • Supports larger external displays

  • Easily outfitted with ruggedized computer, network, and power components for increased environmental resilience

  • Configurable for the support of any type of analog or IP camera–from legacy color dome cameras to state-of-the-art thermal imaging systems

  • Genetec Omnicast user interface, up to 16-32 camera interface

  • Senspex Omnikeys After Action Review (AAR) software package

  • Network compatibility: WIFI, Ethernet, and Fiber optic

The MVC2-EOVMS consists of an IP based user interface to control and manage all video recordings. The network interface allows complete control of all available Analog and Digital cameras on the network. This adaptable system was originally designed to interface with Senspex Digital Interface Unit (DIU) and Thermal/Visible camera systems.

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